About me

I was born in Poland and grew up near Posen (Poznan), where my family still lives. My modelling career began when a photographer approached me for a shoot. Things went really well and he arranged for an introduction to a modelling agency. At that time I had started to study economics.That was 7 years ago and until today I can say that I really love this business and I am happy about how things have developed.

This career does not allow much time for extensive sports and hobbies, and I really love the outdoors, especially hockey, which unfortunately I was forced to sacrifice. I love travelling, especially Berlin and Munich, where I work often. Travelling forms a big part of my career so I have been able to combine the best of two worlds into one package. With a hectic schedule such as mine a healthy mind and a fit body are paramount for success and therefor I always make time for some swimming dancing and jogging.I hope to be able to add acting to my portfolio and prove my capability on stage and in front of the camera.

Ultimately it is acting that I believe I am destined for and am hopeful that a few projects will come my way soon.